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GMC Yukon. Thanks to modern technologies, a disability is no longer a hopeless condition. Today, people in wheelchairs have in many ways the same opportunities as others. Cars with hand controls are not new to the market. So driving has long since ceased to be a problem for people in wheelchairs. Nevertheless, comfortably getting inside of the car is still very difficult.

Chevrolet’s GMC Yukon is a series of large, massive off-road vehicles specially modified for people with disabilities. The experts equipped se V’s with special lifts that bring the wheelchair into the cabin in seconds. In addition, the person doesn’t have to make any effort. Interestingly, there are several designs in the GMC Yukon and the GMC Yukon XL Denali models. The Doors go up thanks to a system of knuckle joints. When opened, the door is parallel to the floor. 7 AMAZING CARS

Stella Lux and Stella vibe.


Surprisingly, the two cars we’ll show you next were designed by a group of 26 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The team wanted to create a solar-powered car suitable for both racing and family use. The result is a project that has repeatedly won the World Solar Challenge in Australia and the solar car race.

In addition, in 2015, Stella won the best technology development award. First, let’s take a closer look at the Stella Lux model. Its total area is 5.8 square meters. Despite its cumbersome appearance and impressive dimensions, the car can reach up to 125 kilometers per hour. By the way, if you drive the stellar Lux at a speed of 72 kilometers per hour on a sunny day, you could travel infinitely. The car’s top speed is 130 kilometers per hour. Or three. Don’t let the modest size of the following car folio the small or three cards developed by the international team od saw robotics can patrol the roads just as effectively as a human being. 7 AMAZING CARS

The car moves using the patented 3d slam navigation technology. Thanks to it, the O r three can distinguish between moving and static obstacles in his path and then go around them as carefully as possible. Its compact size allows it to move not only on the road but also on pedestrian paths. A laser scanner and HD cameras covering 360 degrees of space and a litter allow the or three to collect as much information as possible.

Nissan blade glider this concept


car was first presented during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013. At that time, the model cost a lot of discussion and controversy. But the Nissan developers didn’t give up. A couple of years later, in two 2016, they presented a renewed blade glider to the world. This version was redesigned to be more suitable for mass production. First of all, we should mention that this car runs on electricity. Like many other electric cars, blade glider has a shallow center of gravity, which makes us unusual shape incredibly efficient. In total, they have a capacity of 268 horsepower. The maximum speed that Blake ladder can reach is 190 kilometers per hour.7 AMAZING CARS

Adi AI May, the world’s largest automobile companies believe that car-sharing systems are the future. Fewer and fewer people are buying personal vehicles, while short-term car rentals are becoming increasingly popular. In the coming decades, this trend will continue to grow. It is not surprising that car companies are starting to prepare already. Audi AI me is only a project, but it gives us an idea of what short-term rental cars will look like in a couple of years. This is an electric car for the first time. It was presented at the Shanghai auto show in April 2019.

The capacity of the car is 170 horsepower.

 conceap electric car
concept electric car

its top speed is only 70 kilometers per hour. However, the Audi AI me has been designed for cities with heavy traffic, so it should be enough. When designing the interior, the engineers wanted to implement the idea that a car is like a second home; therefore, the Audi AI me has everything it needs to keep the passengers entertained. Large OLED panel access to online entertainment services and even augmented reality glasses. As you can see, the Audi AI mi can be driven by either autopilot or by the user.7 AMAZING CARS

Nissan I MX here’s another car aimed at popularizing car sharing. In this case, it’s a Nissan project. This innovative model implements all the technologies that will become popular and massive soon. This, of course, includes the power supply. Nissan IMS is an electric car. In addition, it is capable of moving entirely autonomously. Nine radar sensors, 12 cameras, six laser scanners, and 12 sonar sensors help the vehicle navigate the road. Interestingly, the developers claimed that the Nissan ion Max is like a partner for the drive. The car’s purpose is to ensure a safe, comfortable, and most importantly, enjoyable drive.

Mercedes Benz vision Urban edek the last car we’re going to show you today is another concept vehicle but it has more secrets than it may seem at first glance.

car future

The main feature of the Urban vision netic is that it’s a modular vehicle. According to the developers, the car has a detachable electric platform and countless different bodies. In addition, each body can have its unique function. Their Mercedes Benz vision Urban netic can be a standalone taxi, a specialist service vehicle, a truck, a mobile sales point, or even a cafe. Interestingly, the wheeled platform can move without bodywork. It’s equipped with an engine, sensors, cameras, and all other components necessary for riding. In the future transport companies will be able to buy these platforms and bodies and combine them according to the needs of each customer.

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