Alfa Romeo MiTo Range Car Review, Pictures & Price

Cost: £10,745-£14,745 – on the road

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Cost: £10,745-£14,745 – on the road

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Range Car Review, Pictures & Price

Flying View at Facts & Figures

Cost: £10,745-£14,745 – on the road

Eco Friendly: 119-153g/km CO2 Emissions

Speed: 0-60mph 8.8s Max Speed 123mph

Size: 4063L/1721W/1446mmH

Average: (urban) 34.9mpg / (extra urban) 56.5mpg / (combined) 46.3mpg

Security: Seven airbags, ABS, EBD.

Know the Power of Small

There is a belief that the bigger you are, the powerful you are. Even in routine life people tries harder to become bigger in every field and every part. But, always the power has been retained by the smaller. Small is always more curious and more solid. In UK most of the cars that are available are bigger is size. We have a standard tendency that the bigger the car, the luxurious it is!! The world believes else. The trend has preference delicate and elegant cars that are majority smaller and also they are comfortable for many of the purposes. Seeing the traffic scenario, small cars are seen as more practical options. Also, when the family size is going micro, there is no meaning of going crazy for the bigger cars. Bigger cars have bigger problems like parking and also maintaining and all.

Smallest models are always biggest hits in the world. Alfa Romeo had introduced so many models of bigger size to match the needs of people in UK ad also to cover the whole world. But, basically they had a mastery of making the smaller cars that look sporty and romantic. This expertly attitude of them is being reflected in the newly launched car, The Alfa MiTo.

This car is based on rock solid underpinnings that it shares with the Vauxhall Corsa and Fiat Grande Punto. There is also an addition of a sleek shape and a well-judged detailing inside and out and the most salient feature of economical engine range which could be quite decisive in this Recessional phase. Alfa Romeo is the car that should be bought with the heart and not with the head. Just think, if we are choosing our life partner with our heart, how can we choose our road partner with mind? Therefore, the best choice for the car buying is the car that your heart clicks. The difference between mind and heart is that the mind believes in the confirmation again and again and the heart believes in deciding the stuff at first sight. Alfa Cars are the cars that are best choice even for the mind oriented buyers as the cars have got all the features that mind demands or believe for the better car option. Alfa cars are much better for the heart oriented buyers as they are the stuff that are called the most romantic hot cakes and the most romantic cars of the world. So, they are bound to get liked to the buyers.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Range Car Review, Pictures & Price
Alfa Romeo MiTo Range Car Review, Pictures & Price

Alfa Romeo is the strength of the car and also a brand name that makes the real impression of quality. They produce the cars that take care of people and also there are some common features that are the undivided part of the company’s products like warm, fuzzy emotions in people who care about cars. Alfa cars have established an impression in the minds of the buyers of the world. Romeo cars are the cars that are preferred by the people who are more interested in having the car that have all the benefits of exteriors and also the cars that have been more developed by the efficient and elegant engines.

There are so many companies that promise so many features and also they offer various and multiple cases of benefits to the people but they are just the offers not the practical. But, the Alfa Romeo is the company who speaks lesser and performs much more than what others say. There are three things that should be looked upon while selecting a car, the style, the flair and the passion. The Alfa cars have got all the stuff and trendier style that can persuade the people make the people emotionally stronger to select the cars that are in their hearts not in their minds.

Know the Car

The MiTo supermini is the car that has the smallest shape but the biggest benefit of having the melodious and marvellous features of interiors and exteriors. The car gives the enjoyment of a mini ride and also it gives a pleasure of riding in the most spectacular and splendid car of the company. Although it’s a smaller car, it has a strong built-up and is considered as the strongest and well designed and planned car.

The MiTo has got an option of multiple and various engines in the car to be selected according to the choices and preferences of the buyers. Options like normally-aspirated petrol units, turbocharged petrol and common-rail diesels. There is different and distinct entry-level choice and to have the smallest born baby of Alfa is the 1.4-litre 95bhp petrol. Apart from that, there is an option of the 1.4-litre TB petrol engine that is considered as one of the best engines with the very beginning it made with the Fiat’s Bravo and is able to be offered in 120 or 155bhp forms.

These turbocharged options are smaller in size and quite bigger in work. They’re a great solution for a small, fast car in the modern marketplace. Also they are used for the most decent stab and traditional followers of Alfa Romeo’s trend of sweet sounding, high-revving petrol power plants. The 155bhp unit is the charging and energetic figure that put you to closer in on the 6,500rpm redline. If we talk the diesel engines, they are the monopoly items of Alfa Romeo ad also the most developed turbo diesel engines are the part of the cars of Alfa Romeo Cars. The efficiencies also are the excellent 1.3-litre 90bhp unit which is also used in many models of Fiats and Vauxhalls, with a stunning and powerful 1.6-litre that has 120bhp and a hefty 320Nm torque rating.


Alfa is well-known for the most innovative cars and also they are the better quality car makers in the diesel engines. The smallest magic of Mito range is also awesome and the smaller are the best options for bigger drives, is proved by the extensive cars of Alfa Romeo.

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