Alfa Romeo Spider Car Review, Pictures & Prices

Prices: £25,920-£31,420 – on the road

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Prices: £25,920-£31,420 – on the road

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Alfa Romeo Spider Car Review, Pictures & Prices

Flying View at Facts & Figures

Prices: £25,920-£31,420 – on the road

Eco Friendly: 179-272g/km CO2 Emissions

Speed: 0-60mph 8.8s Max Speed 138mph

Size: 4393L/1830W/1318mmH

Average: (urban) 21.7mpg / (extra urban) 38.7mpg / (combined) 30.1mpg

Security: Twin front, side and knee airbags, ABS, traction and stability control, ABS with brake assist.

Know the Motivation :

The world is changing drastically and at an unbelievable speed. All the trends are being changed and people have more preference of the styles and fashions. The youngsters just have the religion of making fun and to copy the trend that is mainly set by the celebrities. So, in all the parts of life, the young effect is taking place and the new beliefs and styles are replacing the older traditions and thoughts.

For Example, there was a trend once when the people believed in the giant cars and it was meant that if you have bigger cars, you are richer and also they make the status symbol for you. So, the companies followed the trend and made cars that are too big in sizes. Then the trend changed and people became more practical and they preferred to have the smaller cars to facilitate in the traffics and also while driving. So, all the company started to make the smaller sweeties. There are numerous cars that are just said as the supermini that are made for maximum two persons.  Even Alfa Romeo has such supermini in their calendar. But, there are some styles and trends that are forever. People never get tired of such trends and they are called the evergreen trends and styles. One of such trend in the car industry is the trend of looping and open roof cars.

They seem amazing and even if you are driving the car for a professional reason or some family work, every one inside the car can get the touch of holiday and vacation. It’s a great fun to have a ride of an open car. Also there are some more benefits of having a loop car, like often the proportions go to pot, the chassis gets an attack of the vapours when shown a corner and any semblance of practicality goes right out of the window. The main motto of all the convertibles is to look fantastic, losing the proportions is inexcusable. Following this forever trend, Alfa Romeo has introduced a beauty of the loop cars, the Spider.

Alfa Romeo Spider Car Review, Pictures & Prices
Alfa Romeo Spider Car Review, Pictures & Prices

Know the Car :

This is the car which is symbol of trend and style. This stylish look is assembled in such a beautiful way that the car looks even better than the best of Alfa, the Brera coupe. The Brera was actually launched while 2002 Geneva Show and the production car. The convertible is typically the car with a longer bonnet, flip up doors and a shape that looked like an automotive excess, so it carries no baggage in that regard.

Driver’s car lovers won’t be impressed much by this car and also they will be finding more comfort ability with rival cars like Porsche Boxster or a Nissan 350Z Roadster but the rates of the car varies a lot and this car makes a great sense for the multi persons’ drive. After all, it’s good to be with some near and dear ones, right?

The car is quite fabulous in the interiors and also it has a great potentials to make the user and the driver forever happy as the cabin is created in such a beautiful way that you’ll never ever think to leave the car. Not only the Alfa cars but none of the German Cars can even make a close look or close rivals. The paint of the car is exclusively amazing and the color finishing is outstanding. Also if we see some of the structural instruments, we’ll find that the panel of the cabin is extensively superb. The panel is quite stronger and also it has the perfect placing and location to make the driver comfortable. One can never beat Alfa Romeo in the material quality used in the car. The materials are simply qualitative and the delicate design to fix these metals is unparallel and unmatchable. One thing we must say, that the cabin structure makes the car quite utility oriented and also a unique car that truly differs from all the other cars.

Relaxing Roof :

The roof mechanism of Spider convertible is quite traditional and the flip on folding hard top makes the weight of the roof lighter and the straighter look is also giving a nice impact to the roof area. Roof area is operated electronically as in all other branded convertibles and the cabin with five layers covers the roof quite nicely and protects it from all the heavy winds and storms. If you are not interested with the open convertible, you can close down the roof and then you’ll feel that the car offers an extreme thermal insulation. This facility of insulation is rarely got in the regular convertibles.

After driving the Spider, you’ll definitely feel that you got nothing by driving any of the regular cars and also you missed the fresh airs and contact with the nature. To make the convertible safer and to provide the feel of security, the back seats are packed up with some of the cubbies.

Effective Engine :

The entry level of the engine is set with the 2.2 litre car with the JTS mode but the car price is somewhat higher at around £26,000. The magical engine is the biggest asset of the car. It takes just 8.8 seconds to reach to the speed of 60mph. There are wider choices for the QTRONIC gearboxes as you can also select the manual mode. But, we would definitely recommend having the car with the spectacular technological magic of gearbox. It also will free the driver to much extent.

Summary :

The convertible Spider is the car that will rock the UK markets and the Alf accompany is expecting to cover almost 60% of the current car market sales. Even while driving the car, we also felt that the company is worth targeting this figure and it should reach the target, after all, the car has so much worth!!


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