Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, Here we have the new 2022 Chevrolet Silverado. This one’s a heavy-duty truck, so the 20 504 wheel drive LTC comes in the beautiful North Sky Blue Metallic on getting in very dark atmosphere perforated leather. The powertrain will consist of that Duramax 6.6 liter turbo diesel V eight engine made it to that 10 Speed outs and automatic transmission as you get to this front end. Here are the chrome grills, LED daytime running lights LED headlamps. We have LED fog lights as well. And then down here, we have 20-inch chrome aluminum wheels. We get passive keyless entry on the front two doors.

And here we have the controls for the power door locks, windows, and mirrors. So pretty impressive. I’m six foot three have a ton of headroom and plenty of legroom here. And the seat in front of me is just for someone of my size, so you almost be able to kick your feet up if someone shortest driving. In there, we have our rear AC vents. We also have a USB C and USB A charge port here, along with the 12 volt and the cupholders for the back. Then there’s our center see that folds down. We have two cupholders and little storage for phones there, and then another cool feature is you can open this up. Then you can reach the back seat there, so something back there if you want to.

Let’s check out the back before we do that

I’m going to go ahead and take a quick look at the window sticker while I’m over here. So $10,000 option for the turbo diesel, and that’s all it’s part of the LTC Plus package, the LTC convenience package too. And then that D 71 package, and then because of the chip shortage, you’re missing a lot of stuff that’ll have to be retrofitted later, but that comes out to the $74,845 for the sticker price. They’re all your standard features there, but now we can go and check out the back of the cargo space, so we do get LED taillights here. We can let the bed down and plenty of room here. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD.

And then this one is an LTC. Yeah, that option of the Uptown tailgate, so you press that button to open and then press to close it. There’s that power front passenger seat there with lumbar support. I love the look of the 2500 Silverado is just how the lights are laid out, and the grill looks slick. We’re just going to go in and take a peek under the hood. There’s a 6.6-liter turbo diesel easy to close and not allowed Slammer Thun. I like that, mainly because the hoods are so high, so there’s our leather wrap steering wheel there, and then over to the radio here we get am FM XM Radio along with Bluetooth. Our navigation system lets us type in an address or keyword to find our location.

There’s our backup camera, the front camera

Or we have buttons and knobs down here along with our three-stage heated cooled C controls. And this one has to be retrofitted later, but it already has the buttons there. We can toggle our exhaust brake parking sensors that up down tailgate, hill descent etcetera Trailer Brake Controller USBC USB A input and you can run that to the radio there than a 12 volt I think 115 or 120 volts three-prong household plugin. There we have our wireless charging pad, a pretty nice size that should fit about any phone.

Excellent storage, two cupholders for the front. And then here huge center console cubby space, and there’s a quick look at the rear from up here. We’ll also check out that power rear sliding window down here. We have our glove compartment with owner’s manuals. Then up here, we have additional storage after the steering wheel; we have our cruise controls on the left side in the front in our chaklis radio station controls on the back. And then we turn the left to toggle that tow-haul mode, and then we have our push-button start universal home remote and finally here’s our key fob with remote start and next, we’re going to go ahead and take this 2022 Silverado 2500 LTC out in the road for a quick test drive. We’ll give it a little bit of throttle here, and the powertrain is responsive.

Of course, the ten speeds shift seamlessly, Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The turbo diesel motor, whenever you need a boost, is there for you, so relatively quick for what it is now, this is a heavy-duty truck. But excellent ride quality, and as you can see, we’re getting about with an empty bed, not calling anything, we’re getting about 20 miles to the gallon 18 miles to the gallon now, but a pretty plush ride for heavy-duty truck and the seats help out a lot.

I like how easy it is to drive for a heavy-duty truck, even though it’s very tall and long, the way the steering is set up, the pedals, and everything in general. It’s not as difficult as it might have been ten years ago. Or for another shark in the class. It’s just really, really easy to drive.
And I like how the hood slopes down. Especially in a big truck, you want to have as much visibility as possible. And having the hill going down instead of just flat out helps you see more in front of you.

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