Ford Escape Hybrid Review

Ford Escape Hybrid Review

Hybrid vehicles seem to be the order of the day in the current automotive world. At least that is what the number of hybrid vehicles launched in the market suggests. Be it a sports coupe, a full size truck or a family SUV, you can find all those vehicle types in hybrid models from different makers. Modern families now are concentrating more on getting green vehicle than the conventional fuel driven vehicles, and that’s the reason why the demand of hybrid family SUVs has gone up radically, and seeing the increasing demand of hybrid SUVs, auto makers have come up with a lot of hybrid SUVs for families. The Ford Escape Hybrid Review that we have put up here covers one such, and probably one of the most demanded hybrid SUV in market.

Initially when the Ford Escape Hybrid was launched in 2005 it was not only a hybrid SUV, but it also was one of the very first one to be manufactured by the a domestic automaker. We’ve reviewed the non-hybrid equivalent of the Ford Focus Hybrid, and we must tell you that the Ford Escape Hybrid Review is not much different from the review of non-hybrid Escape. The Escape Hybrid deliver effective power of the V6 powered Escape model and with a fuel economy of the 4 cylinder powered Escape.

The most recent Ford Escape Hybrid Review tells that the hybrid SUV remains one of the most fuel efficient SUV in the market, and any 2-wheel-drive Ford Escape Hybrid can deliver fuel efficiency closer to 30 mpg in highway and city driving. Under the hood of the SUV, there is a 2.5 ltr 4 cylinder gasoline engine, an electronically controlled CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and a pair of electric motors. The Continuously Variable Transmission of the vehicle works just as a regular automatic transmission.

Both the power generators for the Escape Hybrid are sufficiently potent, and are capable of delivering maximum oomph, under maximum acceleration. But for in City driving, the Escape Hybrid switches between the two, oftentimes running completely on battery power only. The battery of the car employs a regenerative braking system, which converts the energy lost in the form of heat to electricity for recharging the batteries of the car.

The overall power rating of 177, which definitely did not impressed us during our Ford Escape Hybrid Review, but we were happy to see that the Escape Hybrid is faster than regular 4 cylinder Escape. The Escape Hybrid is available in both all-wheel-drive and two-wheel-drive models.

The Ford Escape Hybrid Review is available in 2 trim levels of: Limited and Base. The equipment list for the base Escape Hybrid includes complete power accessories, 16-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power driver seat, stability control, the Sync system, front seat side airbags, antilock brakes and side curtain airbags if you are going for the Escape Hybrid Limited, then you easily can get rear parking assist, a sunroof, heated front seats, leather upholstery and multicolor and mirrors ambient lighting.