Nissan Launches an Electric Z Concept

The first thing that came in our mind when we saw the Nissan Leaf two years ago, was When do we see an electric Z?

And the answer to that is Next month.

The Geneva auto show has seen a lot of new model and concept launches form different auto makers, and the Japanese automaker, Nissan have also made great use of this podium and has rolled out the Nissan Esflow. The Nissan EsFlow will be a slick concept built car, which will be rivaling the Tesla Roadster. The engineers have designed the EsFlow form the ground group, rather than just going for an electric motor — in fact, two — in a Nissan 370Z and stopping.

Nissan Launches an Electric Z Concept
Nissan Launches an Electric Z Concept

Not much of the details were given by Nissan, they just said that the car will be having two motors mounted over and ahead of the rear axle of the car. The car has the conventional lithium-ion battery, placed between the axles for enhancing the improved handling. The size of the battery is still not known, but as per Nissan the battery will be having a range of 149 miles. Considering the fact that the Nissan Leaf has a 24 KW-hr pack, capable of delivering an EPA estimated fuel economy of 73 miles, the EsFlow surely is going to have a huge honkin’ battery.

The driveterain technology of the car was adapted from the hardware of Leaf, but was revamped to enhance the power and performance of the car. According to Nissan, the Esflow will be having superb acceleration as well, and that the car will hit 60 mph in less than 5 sec.

The Nissan EsFlow will be having an aluminum chassis swathed in a composite bodywork.

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