Nissan Maxima SR POV

Nissan Maxima SR POV, So here we have a new 2022 Nissan Maxima, and this one comes in the SSR trim and pro-white tri-coat on charcoal, leather, and Alcantara appointed seats. Of course, the powertrain consists of the 3.5 liter V six naturally aspirated engine that made it to an X Tronic transmission. And that gets you 300 horsepower 261 pound-feet of torque. And a massive shout out to John Roberts Nissan for allowing me to review this car today. That beautiful front end, very aggressive LED headlamps, and LED daytime running lights are LED fog lights.

Then down here, we have 19-inch aluminum wheels that get passive keyless entry on the front two doors. I love this pearl white. But here we have the controls for our power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, memory seats. I love that, so we can fold it there when we trigger that rear seat. And then we have additional space to run more extended objects through, or if you want more room to put bags, whatever you can do that. Then you pull it back up, and it snaps back into place, and then here’s our power front passenger seat and another thing I like about these Maximus, especially the SRS, that kind of black roof it has going on there it’s mostly the sunroof but just how they blacked out the top.

It just looks so aggressive

But now we’re going to take a quick look at the engine bay. There’s that 3.5 liter V six in there now we’re going to hop in the driver’s seat, So right off the bat, I love how they did this leather Alcantara trim throughout the vehicle, even on the steering wheel here just, it’s fantastic. Have a little storage here that has a USB C USB A and then an oxygen foot, and then for our shifter, hit the button back here reverse neutral drive, and we can slap over here to manually shift that x Tronic or we can use the paddle shifters here. And then here we have a few shortcuts for the radio.

So I can just hit the map and pull up the navigation menu and Back button. And then, of course, we can scroll through our options and whatnot or tap over. Here’s our sports mode traction control. We have our heated, cooled seats, so it’s three to one on cold off, and then 123 with heat, which will be for the driver and the front passenger.

Little storage cubby there, Nissan Maxima SR POV

Let’s open up this room. So both the panes will come back together. And then you can one-touch slot everything, so pretty neat. Until there’s well, there’s a view of the back seat from up here. There’s our glove compartment. It’s intense in there, and then over here to the left side of our steering wheel, we have volume controls tracklists of preset controls.

And then we can go through our gauge cluster here, and then on the right side of the steering wheel, Bluetooth controls can toggle that adaptive cruise, and then we can adjust the gap for that there. And then over here, we can toggle between our sources am FM XM, then whatever you have on the oxygen put there is a push-button start. Headlamp controls turn signal brights, windshield wiper controls.
Finally, we have our crucial fob with a remote start, but now we’re going to go and take this 2022 maxima SRO out on the road for a quick test drive, so the maximal is known at least to me as being pretty fast cars you have a naturally aspirated V six. And with that CVT, you just don’t have a problem shifting.

You just put your foot down, and it’s gone

So just an impressive powertrain, and that’s why I haven’t completed it. I love to see. I don’t even know what the version would be for Nissan, but, like a top sports trend, maybe they put like a turbo charge V six in the SSR or make a new trim for, but that would be, that’d be awesome. Because I mean, the turbo Ultimus is already crazy fast. And with the CB T’s, they drive fun. They’re just fun to drive. But I would love to see that in a maximum like this.

I mean, you have the looks in terms of how sporty they are. You have this flat-bottom steering wheel without Kantara. And I want to see a beefed-up powertrain, and that’d be sick, but overall, not a bad ride. Of course, you feel the bumps in this car, especially with these nineteen’s on here and such skinny tires, but not bothersome at all.

And I mean the car handles well

And just the whole steering setup and all of that it’s not too light is just enough to be fun, but also be practical. So I’m going to let off a little bit and then try these paddle shifters out in the sport mode, and I love it there. No, it’s fun to use the paddle shifters, but there aren’t any fundamental shifts because it’s a continuously variable transmission. But it’s still fun, and the exhaust note on Maximus is just it’s one of the best, in my opinion, for a naturally aspirated V six. It just sounds so sporty, so aggressive.

And of course, it’s kind of the same exhaust sound that you’ll hear on your infinities.
Now I haven’t 19 QX 50. And I will say the ones that have the lane tracing on them are a bit buggy, which most of them are, except in your supercruise is from GM, and then your autopilot from Tesla. They’re not 100% accurate, but they don’t read the same way that those systems do use satellites and several cameras and all that. But the Adaptive Cruise is pretty much around the board, pretty solid from everyone, at least from every vehicle I’ve tested.

I’m pretty impressed, Nissan Maxima SR POV

It’s super windy out, and I can hear the window noise being dead in by the vehicle overall. I would write this car to be comfortable enough to take on a long road trip. The seats are just really, really pleased. Having heated, cooled seats is excellent and just the overall driving having adaptive cruise helps but just how it drives is lovely. Whether you want to have fun or you want to get 30 miles per gallon out of it on a road trip. Nissan Maxima SR POV.

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