The Most Luxurious Electric Car in Monaco! (Mercedes)


Mercedes EQS, Right, right? Go Hey, buddy, welcome back to Monaco. I am sitting here in the new EQ s.

It’s a unique experience. As you know, I’m a big fan of your mobility because I’m pushing for more sustainability and mobility. This car, for me, is the first time where there’s like, you don’t feel a compromise anymore between a combustion engine, electric car, the S Class, combustion engine S Class electric, which is what we’ve got here. There’s no There’s no compromise. So let’s go through some details now.

Mercedes requires less drag

So when you think about economics, of course, most of you will think about Formula One or even sports cars, like the Koenigsegg. But the difference here is that this doesn’t need downforce. This car is the world record holder, unofficial production car in terms of pain, and it’s at 0.20. It’s a straight one shape all the way to the back in a very, very direct and then what goes off like that, to make the air go over as smoothly as possible.

Mercedes EQS, This area here is also an area where a considerable amount of work has gone in, and it’s called the the A-pillar. And you can see how there’s a clear cut here that resembles a lot to some Formula One work, and it’s all about keeping the air keeping the air flowing strangely, and keeping a kind of differentiator here. So you’ve got the air coming here, and it’s cut, and then this air here, and then they joined smoothly and carefully here because it’s all about reducing any vectors.

Mercedes as straightforward as possible


And turbulence is, you know, here again, in aerodynamics, if you do and do a straight cut, airflow functions as if the lines would continue to converge here. And that’s why they’ve tried. Here, you can see this little winglet tip making it like a really, really straight cut rim, these are not the full aerodynamic rims, but still, you can see you get the idea. I mean, it’s all about closing this off, because there’s a lot of turbulence that comes through tires because it’s a rotating because they’re rotating in the air from underneath and everything so, so it’s it’s aerodynamically mighty.

The more you can close off the room, the better, Mercedes

The compromise, of course, is also broken temperature. So we’re going to get the Wi-Fi into the car spontaneously. Can you be on the camera and drive your Uber, please? So it’s extraordinary, because it’s the S Class fully electrified. It’s amazing. Can I say it’s beautiful, and it does 700 700 kilometers? Really we got there’s Vivian’s Zumba teacher, have a look. Have a look at the back. Is it really like super future-ready? Thank you! I was not so happy that we ambushed her, but she’s given her thumbs up.

Jump into the interior door handles Alright, so hyper screen internally developed everything the whole software systems everything internally developed from Mercedes. And so also there’s the same touchscreen feelings and an iPhone you touch the sound you feel it and everything, so that’s very very smart spring design-wise it’s really so futuristic and cools the whole hyper screen this is an epic look at this surround-view image, like augmented reality. Insane.

Wha Look at this crazy stuff

 Around the car
Around the car

How the hell does that work? They’ve created a whole idea around around the car. This is sick. How on earth have you done that? Look at this is madness. So by maneuvering it also, the cool thing is so it has 10 degrees also steer in the rear tires when you’re doing minor maneuvering. So that makes it very, very nimble and very agile. And I mean you can turn at a very, very small radius. Look at the steer, and now a straightens up goes the other way. That is cool. I mean, it’s nothing new in the automobile world but still, to have 10 degrees like that is pretty cool. Alright, that’s it from here now we’re going to go for Drive.

Mean very, very important

The intelligent navigation solution gets a look at the screen I’ve put in Monaco Paris. And so it will tell you exactly Where it expects and predicts you to have the best charging station solution, fast charging solution with 200 kilowatts. No, it’s closed. Thank goodness, we have the ultra, ultra-awesome small vendor cars.

Not narrowing this road isn’t point turning with an S, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody with a new prototype S class we didn’t. So as I said, I put the Monaco Paris on the navigation system. It has this smart navigation where it will then tell you exactly and predict where your superchargers are that you’re going to be using and the most efficient way. This way, you know, there is no risk as well, which is fantastic here.

It’s telling us it’s 970 kilometers from Paris


Mercedes EQS And there’s one supercharger on the way. And that, of course, I mean, that takes away all the fear really of going on an electric car journey. Because you know, I’m going to get there at the supercharger here x y Zed, and it takes me 25 minutes to charge in total, which is like two coffees along the way, which I’ll be doing anyways, in such a long journey. And that’s it. So that’s, that’s great and gives a lot of comfort for long-distance trips with electric cars.

Okay, first impressions really, is that Mercedes? Do they know how to do comfort? It’s the usual S class level. I mean, hey, Mercedes. My back is hurting.

That’s pretty damn cool

Thank you, Mercedes. Oh, no, I’m Oh, good. Thank you so much you switch on the back massage. So that’s awesome. And this is like software that’s developed in-house by Mercedes. So they’re really like pushing the boundaries and trying to keep up with everybody else in the world. You know, the Googles and the Amazons and everything with voice recognition. And so I say, hey, Mercedes, my back hurts, and it puts me back massage runs. So I have the most awesome s cluster back massage on now.

Mercedes EQS, Right? Right, and go. So that was the acceleration test. I think the value that Mercedes give is 4.1. Even though I have the aircon on at the moment, that’s the only thing I can switch up during the sound. Look in, and you can hear it’s like absolute silence in here. Look. It’s just so peaceful and unofficial; it has only 68 decibels of sound in here when you’re doing 120 kilometers an hour on the motorway. So they’ve done a lot of work on that. And it’s just that his comfort, this peacefulness, it’s fantastic.

The bonnets cannot be opened

A significant
A significant

And the reason is that there’s this ultra-high-tech air filter installed in the front there. And it’s against bacteria; it’s against the virus. It’s against many particles.

So we’ve got a nine-minute charge, nearby laws, we’ve got another 15-minute amount near digital. And that’s how it’s going to take us in an intelligent way to Paris, so you’re completely safe. You don’t even need to think about not making it to Paris. And that’s cool because it just gives you this peace of mind, you know, which has always been a difficulty with mobility on long-distance journeys.

For me, I’m delighted because the German carmaker market is finally like really pushing catching up to Tesla. And this is a significant, big milestone, but I’m excited because the range is finally a number where you can be proud of 700 plus kilometers. Comment below. I want to hear your thoughts. Do you like it? Do you not like it? What do you think could be better? What is awesome? Please comment below. I want to hear it now. Yeah, so that’s it. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the YouTube channel. And see you for the next one. Bye-bye. I hope you’re enjoying my journalistic review.

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